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7.5kw belt-free turbine blower is a non-positive displacement, high volume, high pressure, blower that can operate as either a compressor or a vaccum pump. It is also knows as other names such as regenerative blower, vortex blower and side channel blower. All of the names describe the basic principle of operation of the turbine blower. The blower consist of a strong impeller mounted directly on a motor shaft and is rotated at very high speed of about 2900 R.P.M. On the periphery of the impeller is large number of radial blades. The impeller is positioned between two end plates and with the blades located with a channel on either side.

High speed centrifugal blower, as the name suggests, high speed, fast. It is also called high speed turbo blower. Under the design conditions, the air pressure of the high speed centrifugal blower reaches 50-290 mbar, the air volume is 85-6000 cubic meters per hour, the rotating speed is 18000-21000 rpm, and the air volume is three times that of the ordinary high-pressure blower. Therefore, it is also named high-speed blower, and the use effect is more than 95%. High speed centrifugal blower is also called: High-speed fan, High-speed blower, turbine type high-speed blower, super fan, high-speed centrifugal fan, etc., but it is generally called high-speed centrifugal fan in foreign countries, because the fan uses the centrifugal principle to generate rotating mechanical energy and convert it into aerodynamic force with a certain pressure. The English name is mostly centrifugal blower.

Side channel blowers are of use to any process that requires a high volume low pressure delivery system for air or gasses. Here is a list of common use cases including air knives, dry tunnel blowing, process cooling, air cushions, packaging processes, vacuum cutting tables, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaning systems, industrial fume/heat extraction, aeration, blowers for swimming pools.

Air knives, including strip air knives and ring air knives, are a kind of equipment specially designed to blow out strong and high-speed airflow to remove dust, blow water stains, and cool down. There is also an air knife for cutting boards. The air knife consists of high-intensity, uniform laminar airflow.

Stainless steel adjustable air knives have the greatest advantage which is that going through an adjustable outlet the airflow can be more stable and stronger. Stainless steel air knives are featured by high precision, strong hardness, high pressure-resistance, and great temperature-resistance. The air knives are widely used in all kinds of blowing off system and air knives drying system. They are also widely applied for ultrasonic cleaning, glass cleaning machines, and dehydration and drying of a circuit board, electroplate, film, coating, non-ferrous metal board/wire/sheet, and other related materials and industries. Moreover, they are also utilized in the barrierless isolation of harmful gases, dust, hot and cold air, drying after printing, heating, and thawing of food and medicine, and high-temperature sterilization.

The greatest advantage of spider nozzle air knives is that they can flex to any position around the bottle to accommodate specific drying needs. Spider air knife has been through many tests and trials. Its innovative design, not only improves the drying efficiency of the bottling and canning production line, but also reduces energy usage by as much as 80% compared with traditional air knives. Moreover, spider air knives also solve the following problems that occurred on the traditional bottling and canning production lines–two air knives usually head to head blow air, which offsets the airflow and even makes a “drying blind” zone.

belt-free centrifugal blower is an air moving device that uses an impeller to pull air into a tube like structure and release it at a 90o angle. The impeller is a set of blades inside the blower that rotates at a high rate to pressurize and move air. The structure of a centrifugal blower does not require housing for protection, but those with housing are the most common.

The double-stage single phase side channel blower are conceived to suck or to compress gas and non-explosive mixtures. The absence of lubricants guarantees that no oils are present in the compressed fluids. The blowers are equipped with single-phase motors and IE3 high efficiency three-phase motors. The main advantages of double-stage blowers are no maintenance, no contamination of conveyed fluids, silent operation, small size and weight, easy of installation, stability and absence of vibrations. The blowers are mainly applied in fields including air and gas conveyance on machines and plants requiring high suction and delivery pressures, max. operational safety and low noise levels.

Bare shaft side channel blowers are very widely used, that is, the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the fan blades, such as electric fans, air conditioner outdoor fans are axial flow fans. The blowers are usually used in applications with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements. The blower fixes the position and move the air. The bare shaft side channel blowers are mainly composed of the fan impeller and the casing. The structure is simple but the data requirements are very high.

There are many blower accessories including press relief valve oil sight gauge, blower lube, bearings and seals, blower bolt kit and alum blower studs.