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Solar Wall Light Individual

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7 Advantages of Motion Sensor Solar Wall Lights

Motion sensor solar wall lights are a great option to brighten up any dark corner of your property, such as front porches, driveways, garden paths, sheds, fencing, and more. This is also a smart lighting option for your home in 2020. The sensitive sensors present in these Motion Sensor Wall Lights are activated once an individual or animal enters its range. And it triggers a bright light which will keep intruders at bay.


Top Advantages of Motion Sensor Solar Wall Lights

1. Automatic Lights

One of the main advantages of motion sensor solar wall lights ;is that it changes automatically depending on sunlight. And also, the stored sunlight gets converted to solar power, which in turn converts it into electric power for later use. Whereas, traditional LED wall light can't provide this function and consumes a lot of electricity, thereby increasing cost.

2. Intelligent Control

Security is a primary component of Outdoor Lighting. Motion sensor solar wall light has intelligent control and contains a solar light-operated power switch. This light-operated power switch is enabled automatically when it detects motion. This feature secures your vicinity as it triggers an action in less than 8 meters. ;

4. Super Long Lifespan

There is a semiconductor chip in the sensor solar wall light which enables the brightness. The lifespan of sensor solar wall light can reach 50,000 hours, the lifespan of incandescent light is 1000 hours, and where the lifespan of the energy-saving lamp is also just 8000 hours. Hence you can say the lifespan of motion sensor solar wall light is very long as compared to other LED lights.

5. Environment-Friendly

Sensor solar wall lights play a major role to reduce the harmful global carbon footprint. These lights are created and designed by renewable energy sources. There are mercury and xenon in ordinary lamps which cause pollution. There are no harmful components like mercury and xenon in sensor solar wall lights, hence its waste does not contaminate our environment.

6. Safe for Human Health

Unlike traditional lights, the beams of solar wall motion sensor light don’t have ultraviolet and infrared rays. Hence, it does not damage our health. Even touching the beam of light from the solar lamp is not harmful. ;

7. Wireless and Safe

Solar wall motion sensor lights do not have any wire connection. This is an important safety factor for children, pets, visitors, or any movement in the vicinity of the light. Whereas traditional lights are unsafe with winding wires, wireless solar wall lights are safe. And another advantage of solar lights is they don't pose any threat of overheating. You can install or place these lights anywhere with no worries.


What Are LED Solar Flood Lights and Why Are They so Popular?

What are solar flood lights?

solar flood light ;is a wide beam light designed to flood an area with light and is powered by a solar panel and battery. The solar panel charges the battery during the day and discharges it at night. This enables the light to be fully self-sufficient and does not need to be connected to another power source. They come in a wide variety of sizes, features, and price points.

Solar flood lights Explained

Floodlights are a unique form of lighting intended at providing artificial light of a high amount to a vast area. They are ideal for lighting such areas as stages for concerts, stadiums, sports fields, parking lots and so much more. They light up smaller areas like driveways, swimming pools, gardens, or backyards. They top the list of the best options for the enhancement of commercial and residential properties' outdoor security. To deter criminal activities from your business place or home, you need bright illumination. Floodlights provide you with this sort of illumination. They contain lamps of high intensity for lighting up the desired area continuously for a given time frame. While the conventional floodlights have offered illumination and enhanced visibility sufficiently, they require professional services to install and consume a lot of power. ; ;

These shortcomings led to the invention of the more efficient LED Solar Floodlights. Solar floodlights have solar panels charged with photovoltaic energy from the sunlight and preserve energy for later use. They are super-bright with zero running costs. Installation is done anywhere in the reach of the sun at a 45-degree angle and professional services are not mandatory as power mains access is not needed. The LED lamp in the solar floodlights consumes less energy and has low maintenance costs.