Our Services

Our Services

Our Services:

1. Buying and selling of farm produce:

The main focus would be to get the farmers register on our site and get them directly connected to the market to sell their produce. The web/ application would provide for an online platform for the farmers to upload pictures of their produce and also quote their expected price with the location from where the manufacture, distributor or buyer can directly purchase the produce.

2. Pesticide , Seeds and Fertilizer:

We are also going to subscribe manufactures, and distributor's on our online platform to display their products such as fertilizer, seeds and pesticide so as to enable them to reach out to the farmer.

3. Selling of farming equipment's :

We are also going to give platform to manufactures and distributor's of farming equipment to register and display their products on our site/ app such as farming tools, tractors, tillers, shovels, sprinkler etc. So as to enable them to be in direct touch with their prospective buyers

4. Solar plants:

The farmer hub is also looking to register manufacturer’s and distributors of solar plants to reach out the farmers, which would give a bigger prospective for use of solar energy into agricultural activities.

5. Buying , selling and renting of farming tools and equipment's:

We at the farmer hub are also providing platform to our users to buy, sell as well as rent used farming tools or equipment's which would be helpful to our users who are looking for resale of their equipment's.

6. Buying and selling of cattle'saaaz:

We will also provide our users with the facilities of buying and selling of cattle’s such as oxen, cows, bulls, calves, buffalo's, sheep and goats.

7. Buying, selling and renting of land:

The farmer hub is going to provide platform to buyer and seller to register themselves and thereafter enable them to search for lands which are available for sale near them. Indeed we have also created option for farmers to rent their lands for farming to interested users.

8. Import and export :

Our users would be exposed to international manufacturer and they would be in a position to directly negotiate on terms of importing or exporting farm produce for better price prospective.

9. Other Miscellaneous services:

The web/ application also intends to provide value added services such as revenue records along with village maps, latest government circulars, notification and scheme, jantri rates unit converter, Expert videos on new farming techniques for our users.