Abous us

Abous us


Established in May 2020 with a promise to all it’s users to “Grow Together”, this start up is an initiative to promote famers trade for the farm produce and further provide an platform for the agro manufacturing companies to expand their business by reaching out to the farmer through our online platform.

Our vision:


“One India one market”

We at the Farmer Hub wants to be the most customer centric company, where our users shall find anything and everything possible under one platform with more choices and unbelievable accessibility with possibly the lowest of prices. A platform for farmers, manufactures and distributors to promote better and easier trade of their products.


The Farmer Hub aim at providing an online platform for farmers, manufactures and distributors to come on one platform and buy and sell their products directly to their consumer. The main purpose is also to see that farmers get fair price for their produce as well distributors and manufactures who are into the business of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, solar plants, tools and equipment's get an wider market to display their products and get connected to the consumer directly. We at the Farmer Hub also pledge to see that all needs relating to huge agro industry of India is covered under our platform which includes even buying and selling of cattle's, lands or even getting revenue records as well as unit converters

Prospective Clients Our:

prospective clients would be as under: The farmers all over India Manufactures and Distributors of Agro products. Manufactures and Distributors of Seeds, Fertilizer and Pesticides. Manufactures and Distributors of farming tools and equipment's. Manufactures and Distributorsof solar plants.